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Since the Oscars in Hollywood, the Sanctification of Pope John Paul II at the Vatican, the Cannes Film Festival and the White House; Ecuadorian roses flood the world.
Roses Variety in Ecuador Ecuador produces more than 300 varieties of roses in a wide range of colors, textures and sizes.
With around 3000 hectares cultivated throughout the country, Ecuador has become one of the leading exporters of high quality roses.
Producers in our effort to improve our product quality, we have secured a strong and increasingly important position in the international market rose. In the province of Cotopaxi there are 480 hectares of farmland devoted to the production of 250 million stems a day, which demonstrates the demand for this type of roses.
Product Features Ecuadorian roses are considered the best in the world for its quality and unique beauty and unique characteristics. Roses grown in our country have some differences from those that are grown elsewhere, due to a more favorable climate, the height at which they are cultivated and the geographical position of the country, allowing the sun illuminates the crops rose 12 hours a day for almost the entire year. Its strongest stem, long leaves most desirable, long vase life and a larger, stronger and intense colors are its main characteristics button. The high demand from countries like the United States, Russia, the Netherlands, Canada, Italy, Ukraine and Spain attest to the altars standards we impose on ourselves, in order to obtain highly desirable products in the international market.





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From long beaches, volcanoes, mountain scenery, cosmopolitan cities, jungles and unique ecosystems the great natural diversity of Ecuador made flower a variety of cultures full of traditions, rituals and customs unrepeatable, filled with wonderful unique nuances that distinguish them from each other yet the world. Cultures crowded Smiling quality and has developed a close relationship with their land and property that she offered.

In a land of volcanoes, the people who inhabit has managed to meet its soil and the species that germinate in him, giving him the most exquisite and extraordinary items; from the delicious fine cocoa aroma, through the exotic dark brown mountain to the beautiful roses grown in highlands, they are proof of the dedication of our people to work and our endless passion for what we do.